Listen to: VCO 019 :: The Coriolis Effect by Taiga. Beautiful long form synthscapes by BC Meyer. Release date 03.11.14, pre-orders available now.

Listen to: VCO 020 :: Icestorm by VTL, our latest release. Dark modular synth soundscapes. Release date 3.11.14, pre-orders available now.

from the album ‘Lulled Glaciers’ by Mogard Wiggan Fricke, out now on VCO Recordings.

Beautiful video for Abul Mogard’s “Post Crisis Remembrance” by David Bellard.  

Just found 2 copies of this OOP release -  VCO 012 Mind Deco by Discoverer


Hello again VCO faithful.  Big thanks to those of you who bought Steve Moore’s Positronic Neural Pathways - it was by far our biggest and fastest seller and had Steve in a panic!  Getting orders to ship 200 cassettes in about a week was a bit scary for him, but I’m now back in town and will be handling the shipping once again, so Steve is off the hook. Glad I wasn’t around for that one.
Anyhow - we’ve got some great releases lined up for the fall, and we’re really excited for you to hear them.  
On behalf of Steve, thanks for sticking with us and enjoying this as much as we do.
A.E. Paterra

VCO015: Paul Lawler - “Opus”
Cinematic space-prog from UK composer & sound designer Paul Lawler.
Limited Edition of 100.
September 2013
Pre-orders available now

VCO016: Jonathan Fitoussi  - “Immersion” C36
Beautiful, meditative, and playful.  A wonderful VCO debut from French composer and GRM member Jonathan Fitoussi.
Limited Edition of 100 
Late September 2013

VCO017: Abul Mogard  - “Drifted Heaven”
We’re pleased to have Mr. Mogard back for another release. 
"Drifted Heaven" expands on the terrain covered on his acclaimed VCO self-titled debut of 2012.
Limited Edition of 100
Late October 2013
VCO018: Mogard Wiggan Fricke - “Lulled Glaciers”
VCO alum Abul Mogard, sound artist Justin Wiggan, and German electronic artist Siegmar Fricke join forces 
for this highly anticipated release.
Limited Edition of 100
November 2013

VCO002: Majeure - “Synthesizer of the Gods”
Re-issue of our first cassette release - sold out since 2011.
Limited Edition of 100
October/November 2013
VCO007: Abul Mogard - “Abul Mogard”
Re-issue of Abul’s highly sought after debut release.
Limited Edition of 100
October/November 2013

Pre-orders are up for our latest release, VCO 015 “Opus” by UK composer and sound designer Paul Lawler.  Limited Edition of 100 - beautiful cinematic compositions.


Xenon District

Yet again, “Xenon District” is a vehicle for Panabrite (Norm Chambers) to show off his unique and rarefied take on sci-fi tendencies that manages to tap into the collective imagination of other worlds in far away places without a hint of cliche.  It’s a talent that has led him to create a string of finely honed albums on a number of reputable labels – Digitalis, Preservation, Aguirre, etc – with an approach that swirls and contorts synthesizer figures toward the infinite.  It’s not pure astral ambience, however, as bulk of the  material on “Xenon District” is pinned to IDM-like beats and analog arpeggios, allowing the music to be palatable even as it seems to drift through an unknown universe.  Throughout the C42 cassette Panabrite is also able to harness pure melody just as much as gleaming drones, making “Xenon District” multi-faceted in a way that synth-based albums rarely are. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia 

Sent some cassettes over to Experimedia - Günter and Discoverer are sold out, so if you missed them, here is your chance.